Angloco have designed and manufactured many different types of fire fighting vehicles in its history, and continue to build specialist vehicles with a range of bespoke equipment, for a range of needs

From municipal fire services in the UK, to industrial fire services overseas, Angloco can boast vehicles in countries from A to Z; Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, and many in between.

Angloco prides itself on listening to its customers and responding with the best possible solution, whether that be the conversion of a van, a 26 tonne aerial platform, an CAA approved airfield crash tender or a foam carrying refinery tender.  Choices are available right down to all the individual items of equipment which might be required with a new vehicle.

Vehicles manufactured by Angloco are based upon many different makes and models of commercial and specialist chassis, and can incorporate an endless array of options and features. People sometimes ask for details of a “standard” vehicle, but the reality is that very few projects and contracts are for vehicles which are exactly the same as ones built previously.

Our trained and highly skilled staff are on hand at every stage to ensure the vehicles supplied are of the highest quality and built to specification. Many of Angloco customers express a preference for a particular make of chassis, or model of pump, but for those who are unsure of their exact requirements, our Vehicle Sales department are happy to discuss options to ensure the end vehicle is suitable for local conditions of operation, climate and terrain, and can be serviced and maintained locally.

Angloco understand cost is one of the key criteria when investing in a fire fighting vehicle.  With the wide variety of available fire fighting systems, features and equipment which can be provided on a new vehicle, all of which have an impact on its cost, it is essential to make sure that everything necessary is included within a specification proposal. Similarly, items and features not required can be omitted to prevent unnecessary expense.

And of course it is not true that fire engines are available in “any colour you like – so long as it’s red” – customers can have whatever colour they need!




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