Repair, Refurbishment and Spare Parts

Repair and Refurbishment

A whole range of repair, refurbishment and accident damage rectification can be carried out by Angloco, from minor repairs to the overhaul and re-mounting of existing equipment onto new chassis. Major refurbishment can be an attractive option for vehicles which had a high initial capital cost.

The After-Sales and Service Department has undertaken a number of major servicing and refurbishment programmes on-location for international clients, including setting up on-site workshop facilities.

Alterations and Upgrades

Changing operational requirements, new legislation, and (sometimes) inappropriate original equipment can lead to a customer requiring modifications to a vehicle.

Angloco has a vast array of capabilities in this area, with experience including:

  • Replacing difficult-to-maintain inappropriate technology equipment with robust easy-to-use systems.
  • Re-designing and replacing bodywork and equipment on other companies’ vehicles which are not up to the job of fulfilling their requirements in a customer’s operating conditions.

Spare Parts

Angloco gives prompt attention to requests from customers for spare parts. It stocks an extensive range of items for the vehicles and equipment it supplies, and can quickly locate and supply components which are not available ex-stock.

World-wide spare parts supply is an important area of activity which extends beyond Angloco’s own supplied vehicles and equipment. The After-Sales and Service Department personnel have a wealth of experience identifying and sourcing parts for a wide range of makes of chassis and superstructure, regardless of age. Many customers throughout the world recognise the department’s ability to source old or unusual parts, as well as current items which may simply be difficult to obtain locally.

After-Sales and Service Department direct contact:
Fax: +44 (0) 1924 233898

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