Commissioning and Training

Commissioning and Operator Training

Regardless of the existing skills and experience of a fire service’s personnel, Angloco recommends that operator training is undertaken for all new vehicles and equipment. This is especially relevant when the items are different from equipment already used by a customer. Training can take place either at Angloco’s factory or more conveniently at the customer’s own premises. Programmes can vary in duration from part of a day to a number of weeks, according to need.

Angloco’s training instructors are not only skilled in the company’s own vehicles, but provide comprehensive training for its distributed aerial ladder platforms, turntable ladders, pumps and rescue equipment.

For vehicles supplied beyond the UK, Angloco offers a comprehensive optional on-location commissioning and training programme. This ensures a vehicle and its equipment are set up ready for use, and that officers, operators and workshop personnel are trained in appropriate operation, routine servicing and maintenance. This provides practical preparation for different situations as the new vehicle enters service.

Special Training Programmes

From time to time a customer may require further specific training tailored to their requirements. A customer might need more detailed instruction in comprehensive maintenance and repair methods, or may require operational fire fighting training. Various special training programmes can be arranged by Angloco, using its own resources where appropriate and, if applicable, the specialist facilities of UK fire service training colleges.

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