After-Sales and Service Department

Long-Term Relationship

Angloco is committed to supporting the vehicles and equipment it manufactures and supplies, whether they are used by a local customer, or are in operation elsewhere around the world. It recognises that fire service customers demand and deserve more than just the supply of new equipment; they need back-up for its operational lifetime, and as such require maintenance support and spare parts availability for many years.

How Can We Help ?

When the telephone rings late in the evening at the home of Angloco’s Customer Service Manager, he knows that he could be about to hear a cry for help from a fire service customer.

Angloco’s After-Sales and Service Department is a first point of contact for many people. It has a dedicated team of service engineers who have a wide range of skills and experience, and extensive facilities and resources. It provides an emergency help-line for urgent problems, and has a well-established reputation for providing its customers with a wide range of support services for all types of fire fighting and rescue vehicles and equipment.

Activities available include:

  • After-sales service and product support for Angloco vehicles and equipment.
  • Commissioning and Training programmes for new vehicles.
  • Supply of spare parts (for Angloco vehicles and equipment, as well as other makes).
  • Service, repair and refurbishment programmes for most makes of chassis and superstructures.
  • Supply of used fire fighting vehicles.
  • Overhaul and accident damage repair work.
  • Re-engineering, alterations and upgrades of vehicles.
  • Training, instruction, service, maintenance, repair, and spare parts supply for specialist equipment.

After-Sales and Service Department direct contact:
Fax: +44 (0) 1924 233898

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