Angloco Mist-Tech Fire Fighting Equipment

Angloco Mist-Tech products provide optimum fire- fighting performance using the technology of the branches and lances and not by forcing high pressure through a very small hole or holes. Instead we use water collision technology that will give you a more consistent droplet and wave after wave of wonderful mist, without the inherent potential problems and risks that can occur with ultra-high pressure systems.

Our range of lances and branches has now been complimented by a chimney lance and a new range of vehicle misting/CAFS systems and trolleys.

The latest Introduction into the Angloco Mist-Tech Range is the new & unique Battery driven misting system the VMSB 2000.

All vehicle mounted misting systems are usually powered by an internal combustion engine. This can create problems with their installation, for example engine noise, exhaust emissions and in some cases having to carry another type of fuel.

We are all concerned about the environment and there must be a better way and following months of prototype testing we pleased to say we have the first battery powered misting system.

The system has the latest technology from the batteries through to the power supply. The power source is a bank of batteries, the D.C battery power is then converted by an invertor to A.C and this drives the motor connected to the pump.

It’s simple to operate and no complicated installation is required,

Battery power: no pollution, very quiet operation and no fuels to deal with.

The VMSB 2000 system will run for over an hour on one full charge..

Demonstration unit available



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